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WORK PACKAGE 4:Report on (joint) degree certificate prescriptions


As a second step towards the design of a joint European degree label / certificate, an analysis of the prescriptions that manage the content, form and lay-out of (joint) diplomas and corresponding diploma supplements in the framework of joint study programmes is performed, alongside an evaluation of the samples of joint diplomas and diploma supplements as previously collected. The target audience were EDLab HEI partners, both full and associated. The aim of this exercise is to determine a format for the joint European degree label / certificate that fits within the EDLab project via the identification of common denominators among the diplomas, diploma supplements and applicable prescriptions. In conclusion, the EDLab project opts for the design of a paper-based certificate including a distinctive logo as tangible output of the label initiative.
Annexes to the report are (1) a glossary, (2) the questionnaire on the prescriptions and practice in the (co-)awarding of degrees within joint study programmes, and (3) examples of joint diplomas as currently used in practice by some of the EDLab HEI partners.

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