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Fri, Apr 14


Virtual Google Meet

EDLab I Steering Committee Meeting

Virtual (Google Meet) - (or go to and use the code beg-pjio-kmt)

EDLab I Steering Committee Meeting
EDLab I Steering Committee Meeting

Time & Location

Apr 14, 2023, 11:00 AM GMT+2

Virtual Google Meet

About the event


  1. [Decision] Approval of the agenda

  1. [Information] Information from the EACEA KoM

  1. [Information] (WP1) Recap of internal communication flows

  1. [Information] (WP1 & WP4) EDLab improvement plan (draft proposal)

  1. [Discussion] (WP1) Revision of due dates (if needed)

  1. [Discussion] (WP2) Connections between WP2 and WP4

  1. [Discussion] (WP2) Partnership Agreement

  1. [Discussion] (WP1?) National coordination groups

“The following institutions will coordinate these:

  • France - Lyon1;
  • Italy – Padua; - first meeting with other HEIs involved in pilot projects planned for end of April (date tbc); meeting with ANVUR on 13/04 (Marilena Mendiaci; Simone Via), very happy to contribute, etc.
  • Portugal - Algarve;
  • Spain - Granada”

  1. [Discussion] (WP1, 4 & 5) Events: Organisation and timing (e.g. webinars’ series and workshops)
    1. General intro webinar (introduction to European Strategy for Universities, European Degree & Label concept, EDlab project)

It should be open to our university communities (with a focus on JP coordinators, but open also to other staff members)

Proposed date: 10 or 11 May 2023, after 12:30 pm →to be decided: date and time + who will present? only Dorothy & UNIPD or all WP Leads? Unipd will take care of the organisation of the webinar, template for invitations, etc.

  1. Webinars’ series

“a webinar-series on key issues related to joint programme development and degree awarding. Topics will include (amongst others): accreditation, issuing of digital certificates; global dimension of joint programmes”

Proposed topics (also based on WP5 survey results): Webinar 1: Accreditation, 25 May afternoon or 26 May morning 2023  (decide on a date and time!) The webinar will include a short presentation of the current situation in the 4 target countries (presented by QA Agencies or Ministries); a short explanation of the European Approach (by Flemish Agency?); focus on existing barriers; Q&A UNIPD will take care of the organisation of the webinar, template for invitations, etc.

Webinar 2: Digital certificates Check with WP4 what the best timing is; involve CIMEA as a speaker

Webinar 3: Global dimension of JP Possible dates: late september / early October Involve speakers from our global networks (UNIMED, Montevideo, etc)

Other ideas?

ANVUR: Mapping results presentation

  1. Workshops

Proposed dates for the workshop in Lyon: June 5/6/8 or 9

  1. Final conference

  1. EDLAB website & dissemination material (WP5) Quick update on progress so far (Giulia)
  2. [Type of agenda item] (WPx) Agenda item

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Download webinar documents

After each webinar slideshows and other materials will be available for download here.

1st EDLab webinar: "European policy experimentation in higher education: piloting a joint European degree label"
May 10th 2023
Screenshot 2023-05-10 alle 15.07.10.png
2nd EDLab webinar: "Accreditation of joint programmes: current practices and future prospectives"
May 26th 2023
Screenshot 2023-06-01 alle 16_edited.jpg
3rd EDLab webinar: "European Degree Label Global Attractiveness"
January 31st 2024
Screenshot 2024-01-31 alle 17.50.25.png
4th EDLab webinar: "The road ahead to a European degree: lessons learned from the European Degree Label institutional laboratory"
April 3rd 2024
Screenshot 2024-04-09 alle 10.13.03.png
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