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EDLab participates in ACA's seminar on recent developments in European policies and programmes

Andries Verspeeten participated today in the Parallel Session on "the European degree label and updates on the legal status" as part of the seminar organised in Brussels by Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) "What's new in Brussels" on 25 and 26 of January.

The objective of the session was to give an update on the 10 projects approved to test new forms of transnational cooperation between higher education institutions, as outlined in the European Strategy for Universities.

More than half of the pilot projects involve testing/facilitating the delivery of a joint European Degree label, and the others are around allowing alliances of universities to test a possible legal status.

This parallel session provided an opportunity to dive deep into the technicalities, challenges and opportunities of the pilot projects. Panellists from universities directly involved with the pilots as well as the Commission shared their experiences and provided outlooks for prospective development.



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