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EDLab participates in the meeting on the European Degree Label organised by the European Commission

On 24th October EDLab participated in a joint mid-term meeting of the six pilot projects on the

European Degree Label and the four pilots on legal entity for European University Alliances.

Andries Verspeeten (Ghent University – Enlight), Laura Howard (University of Cadiz – SEA-EU)

and Dorothy Kelly (University of Granada – Arqus) represented the project at the meeting

organised in Brussels by the European Commission, participating in the world café format

discussions to analyse the current state of the results of the pilots and, especially, to look to

the immediate future for both the label and for the concept of a European degree. The

discussion analysed the added value of the label and the European degree, the suitability and

feasibility of the criteria proposed for the award, obstacles existing today, and how quality

assurance processes could be modified to facilitate transnational degrees. The meeting

provided a useful and fruitful forum for inter-project discussions and to update the community

on advances on a policy level regarding the European Degree as a key priority for the

Commission in 2024.



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